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Making Beer at Home for the Beginner


Making Beer at Home for the Beginner 

Making Beer at Home for the Beginner is a comprehensive guide that takes aspiring home brewers on an engaging and fun-filled journey into the world of beer making. This book provides a step-by-step approach, covering everything from the basics of home brewing to advanced techniques and experimentation. With clear explanations and practical tips, readers will learn about the brewing process, essential equipment and ingredients, troubleshooting common issues, exploring different beer styles, beer and food pairing, and even scaling up to become a craft brewer. Whether you're a complete novice or have some brewing experience, this book is the perfect companion for anyone looking to embark on their home brewing adventure and create delicious, high-quality beer right in the comfort of their own home.

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Monday, December 4, 2023

Give Me Strength - Balance and Bone Exercises for Seniors, An Illustrated Guide to Prevent Falling:


Give Me Strength - Balance and Bone Exercises for Seniors, An Illustrated Guide to Prevent Falling:

Basic At-Home Workouts to Improve Posture, Strengthen Bone Density, and Fight Osteoporosis

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About the Author

Matthew Case’s love for fitness runs deep. As the son of a teacher and coach, he fell in

love with learning and athletics at a young age. He’s trained with elite athletes and has coached at many levels. While attending Northwestern University, Matthew became a two-time All-American wrestler. His mother’s story of recovery has renewed hisdedication to health and fitness and has inspired this book.

An Urgent Call for Action

Every year, over 300,000 seniors over the age of 65 are hospitalized due to hip fractures, 95% resulting from falls, with women constituting 75% of these numbers.

"Give Me Strength, Balance and Bone Exercises for Seniors" is not merely a book; it's a crucial intervention in a world where the stakes for seniors have never been higher. This guide is your blueprint for prevention, offering straightforward solutions akin to the wise taps of a seasoned expert's hammer.

Tap into Knowledge: The Power of Informed Action

Part 1, "Understanding Balance and Bones," takes you through the vital "whys" and

"hows" of maintaining balance and bone strength with chapters like "Striking a Good

Balance" and "The Enemy of Osteoporosis." With Harvard Medical School noting that

balance training significantly reduces fall risks, this section is your informed first step

toward resilience. Inside, you’ll uncover:

• The intricate link between bone health and balance

• Dietary strategies that fortify bone density

• Practical advice on surmounting common exercise hurdles

Practical Solutions: The Small Taps to Big Changes

Part 2, "Exercises and Workouts for Balance, Bones, and Posture," is where the action

happens. Here, you'll find:

• 64 specialized exercises that enhance stability and bone strength

• 15+ structured workouts that fit seamlessly into your daily routine

• Illustrated, step-by-step guides ensure you tap at the right spots for optimal


Uncover the Secrets to Aging with Grace• Discover exercises that improve posture and prevent falls

• Engage in bone-strengthening practices to fend off osteoporosis

• Embrace routines that sharpen your mind and coordination for a sharper you

• Learn how small, consistent efforts lead to significant, life-altering rewards

Your Coach, Confidant, and Guide

In "Give Me Strength, Balance and Bone Exercises for Seniors," you’ll find the

encouraging and knowledgeable voice of an author who’s walked the path with loved ones. It's designed to be your coach, rooting for you as you tap away the obstacles to a stronger, balanced life. This isn't just a set of exercises; it's a journey to reclaim strength, stand tall and steady, and meet the future with renewed confidence and joy.

"Give Me Strength, Balance and Bone Exercises for Seniors" is your call to action against the tide of inactivity and its consequences. It's time to tap into your potential and enjoy the full, balanced life you deserve. Let’s get started!

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Give Me Strength - Balance and Bone Exercises for Seniors, An Illustrated Guide to Prevent Falling

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Engineering Series - The College Guidebooks

  Engineering Series - The College Guidebooks

Today’s research directly impacts life-changing and revolutionary innovations on Earth, space, and not-yet realized digital universes. Especially as scientists integrate AI, AR, VR, and machine learning, developments will expand the mind to consider new vistas. Hungry to challenge longstanding beliefs, produce new realities, and reap rewards, you will experiment, innovate, and implement the next transformational wave.

Engineers invent energy technologies, sustainable buildings, solar-powered vehicles, and tomorrow's tools. Biological and chemical engineers develop materials that close wounds and 'melt away', sustainable fabrics for cold/ warm weather climates, and lightweight carbon nanofibers for filtration, haptics, and energy storage. Career and research opportunities include the improvement of spacecraft, computers, materials, healthcare, fibers, food, and buildings. Your ideas will help society resolve energy and environmental problems with improved sensing mechanisms, gas extraction, electrical systems, and quantum chemistry.

The next step you take will shape your future. The books in this engineering series offer you a roadmap for success, covering a wide range of fields with specific information about career paths and information on internships, scholarships, and the application process. College programs in each area are profiled. Additionally, the lists in the back of the book offer avenues to colleges you may not have considered. One of these may be a perfect fit for you! 

With more than three decades of experience and dozens of successful applicants in engineering, medicine, and other STEM subjects, you are in good hands as Dr. Rachel Winston guides you on your journey. Dr. Winston is one of the world’s leading experts in college counseling, giving presentations at schools and conferences worldwide. In addition to offering tips and insights into colleges, careers, and how to tell student’s personal story, she is a sought after speaker for seminars, meetings, and programs. 

Dr. Rachel Winston personally guides students on their journey and is a consummate learner with degrees in more than a dozen different fields. Her experience working in colleges and at her private counseling practice has made her a sought after advisor. Contact Dr. Rachel Winston if you seek individualized college counseling, essay assistance, interview preparation, or portfolio development. Online or in her Irvine, California office suite, Dr. Winston serves, supports, and uplifts students in their college admission quest.

You can purchase these books on Amazon or through bookstores. The digital versions are less than $15.

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Sunday, December 3, 2023

SG2 Resolute Quest


"For years, Evan had tried his best to forget about Syrrah...
And for the most part, he had been quite successful. But now, shortly before he is about to turn 18, he makes one terrible mistake with his girlfriend, Heidi. This one mistake, and its consequences, sets him on a course to find the truth and history about Syrrah so he can once and for all remove her from his memories. Along with his good friend Freddy, Evan heads out on a road trip. Yet what he thought would be a simple journey to a small, quiet town in Minnesota, turns into an earth-shattering event that leads Evan on a far greater quest than he began, while at the same time making him want, and love, Syrrah, even more."

SG2: Resolute Quest is the second novel in the Syrrah's Game series.
Syrrah's Game can be read here: https://sgsequels.info/syrrahsgame/chapters2

China Series of Books

  China Series

Jam packed with research, data, and thought-provoking information, these four books are a must read to understand the impact of China on today’s society. The societal transformation happening today will impact your future. Yet, surprisingly few people are aware of the profound impacts. The series is best read in order as initially contemplated and envisioned. With more than 1,000 pages of intriguing and well-organized material, these books together explain how we arrived at where we are today and provide clear warnings about what is likely to happen tomorrow.

Written for the layperson rather than the political science researcher, these books, filled with full color illustrations, is not overly technical. However, for those who want to know more, including political science students, this primer is a great place to start.

Dr. Winston’s experience working on Capitol Hill and with the White House offers unique insights into today’s global challenges. Also, much of the research that inspired these books was curated in Dr. Winston’s graduate studies in international relations and Chinese foreign policy at Harvard and the University of Chicago. Her thesis papers at both universities laid the foundation for the first book in the series. 

Dr. Winston gives presentations at schools and conferences worldwide and is a sought after speaker for seminars, meetings, and programs. Dr. Winston is a consummate learner with degrees in more than a dozen different fields. She has written and published more than thirty books on various topics related to her career pursuits in engineering, mathematics, medicine, politics, and writing. After retiring from her tenured faculty position, she focused on counseling students in their pursuit of college. She is a highly sought after college advisor. Online and in her Irvine, California office suite, Dr. Winston serves, supports, and uplifts students in their college admission quest.

The books in this China series may be purchased on Amazon or through bookstores. The digital versions are less than $15.

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The System is Unforgiving: Play by the Rules and Win


Embark on an enlightening journey with "The System is Unforgiving," a book that uncovers the stark realities and unwavering rules governing life's challenging terrains. From navigating the murky waters of political unrest in the Philippines to surviving a near-death collision on the USS Kinkaid, Allen Maxwell deftly intertwines personal experiences with universal lessons. Readers from all walks of life have found solace and guidance in its pages. J. Wu finds the book "insightful and powerful," while Shar praises Allen's ability to seamlessly weave personal anecdotes with broader life lessons.
But who is the man behind this impactful narrative? Born from humble beginnings, Allen's life story is nothing short of inspirational. Through his dynamic global journey in the Navy, followed by ventures in the private sector, Allen experienced the highs and lows that life threw his way. He lost millions and witnessed the underbelly of politics, yet clawed his way back to prosperity with newfound insights.
"The System is Unforgiving" is not just a book; it's an invitation to resonate with Allen's life lessons and to be inspired by his unwavering resilience. Every chapter serves as a testament to his belief that with the right mindset, tools, and understanding of the system, anyone can conquer their challenges. Dive in and unlock a world filled with determination, grit, and hope. Your journey to triumph begins here.

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Happiness Returns -The Self Care and Self Compassion Workbook


Happiness Returns -The Self Care and Self Compassion Workbook:

15 Easy Techniques to Strengthen Your Mind, Master Emotional Regulation, Embrace Self-Acceptance ... Your New and Happy Life (Growth Book 4)

Are you someone who must constantly battle your mind and wage war against your emotions just to feel right on the inside?

Do you wish you could find a way to quickly and easily get your mood back to a state of serene balance when life throws you a curveball?
One of the big issues with mental health is that it seems like you're the only one who can really do anything about it, and that's largely true. The problem is that when you think about someone with a broken leg, no one in the world would expect them to set it themselves, heal overnight, and then get back to work on Monday morning. That would be insane and unrealistic, and if you tried to force them to do it regardless of those two points of view, it would be cruel. Mental health is a different animal that's also treated very differently.
I'll be the first to admit that more and more people out there are so much more open and kinder than society would have been 20 years ago, but there's still a long way to go. Not least of all, because our ability to treat mental health personally is still very much in its infancy. What works wonders for someone may do nothing for another, and what worked for you yesterday may leave you still in despair tomorrow.
Rather than seeing this as a reason to throw the towel in and give up, I want you to see it as a reason to go out there and find another approach. Thousands of others just like you already have, and they're doing it thanks to a resource that really is life-changing.
"Happiness Returns: The Self-Care and Self-Compassion Workbook" is the secret guide I want to introduce you to so that you can live on your own terms, regardless of what the world tries to throw at you.
Inside "Happiness Returns: The Self Care and Self Compassion Workbook," you're going to learn about:
The benefits of practicing self-compassion
The link between self-esteem and self-compassion
The brain and happiness
If it's possible to find true happiness
The elements of mindful self-compassion
Strategies for improving your self-esteem
Regulating your moods and emotions
Dealing with depression
Building resilience
Practicing self-care
And a whole lot more!
Even if you feel overwhelmed or are a busy bee with no break, the exercises in this workbook will bring you inner peace and joy. Start your journey towards a happier you.
One single click NOW will change everything!
Order your copy TODAY and embark on your journey towards a happier YOU!