Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Are You Ready for Surgery Overseas?


Are You Ready For Surgery Overseas? : 

The 90-day Guide

Do you need surgery that you can’t get at home?

Are you looking for dental or cosmetic treatment and getting it abroad is the best option?

This book will help you understand the processes!

Sometimes, when we need or want surgery the options at home aren’t good enough, waiting times may be too long or it may simply be too expensive. Quality treatment abroad, which can sometimes be a fraction of the price, can be a tempting prospect but obviously, there are many pitfalls and potential dangers involved in it, which is why you need to be properly prepared before you make any decisions about the treatment you want.

This book, Are You Ready For Surgery Overseas: The 90 Day Guide, sets out to prepare you for your procedure, with chapters that cover:

  • The mental preparation
  • Pre and post-op dieting
  • Planning for the financial side of things
  • Using a coordinator to assist you
  • Managing your BMI
  • Maintaining the results
  • Exercising after surgery
  • And lots more…

Using top advice from professional surgical coordinators who have extensive experience in helping clients get the very best treatment available, Are You Ready For Surgery Overseas is the perfect book not only to get you surgery-ready but for the recovery period too.

If you are thinking about having a surgical procedure done abroad but don’t know where to start, get a copy of this book now and make sure you are as prepared for it as you can be.

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Deep-Level Influencing


Deep-Level Influencing - 

A Successful Career: 

Learning from Serial Killers 

This Book Explored Serial Killers’ Psychology to Create a Success Formula That Works in All Industries

If you want to learn about the basic instincts and general thought patterns of criminal minds and use it for your entertainment as well as for future success, keep on reading!

The author of this book has always been fascinated with people whose minds function differently from the average person. 

He decided to take the mind of a serial killer as an example of how a highly intelligent human being functions to survive and create the right environment for success. 

When he stumbled upon some patterns that drive hierarchy structures, career advancement, and personal relationships, he was excited to use extreme examples to improve careers in a more powerful but also entertaining way.

This unique approach is about exploring serial killers' mindsets and thought patterns to work out a success recipe tailored to anyone's needs and goals. 

The book is packed with actionable advice on how you can get ahead at work by using the same techniques as those who have killed for their gain!

With this book, you’ll: 

  • Learn how to be successful from serial killers' mindsets: Learning from the darkest minds to create a bright future is only an exciting opportunity no person interested in business should let go of!
  • Explore criminal mentality and gain valuable insights: The author of the book is an expert at industrial and organizational psychology, offering useful tips not only on how to present yourself as a powerful, efficient figure, but also how to identify criminal minds around you. 
  • Read perceptive, thought-provoking writing full of humor and wit: With the smooth, uncomplicated, and entertaining language, the author fully engages the reader in the educational book that reads like an unputdownable thriller. 

If you want to quickly acquire all the skills you need to get where you deserve to be, all while entertaining yourself with a smooth, witty read…

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Monday, October 18, 2021

The Ultimate Human Secrets


In 2020, a thought-provoking book unveiled the great mystery of our existence and the universe we live in—The YOU beyond you—and, the subsequent year, Ramzi Najjar followed it with another book that became a pillar of our human psyche that explains the dynamics of our existence.

Life has kept us preoccupied with many hardships, problems, and inconveniences, to such an extent that our only escape to release the pressure build-up is with preset fictitious programming offered by the media. 

Portions of our Ultimate Human Secrets have been found in our conducts, in philosophical theories, in religions, and in many biological and scientific theories throughout our Existence. 

For the first time, all pieces of these Ultimate Secrets come together in an incredible book that will be life-transforming for all who read it and experience it.

In —The Ultimate Human Secrets— you’ll learn how to use real-life subtleties in every aspect of your existence and bind reality in your favor to attract positivity, health, happiness, and wealth in every interaction you have in the world. You’ll begin to understand the hidden, unlimited power within you and understand how to use it in every aspect of your life.

The book contains wisdom based on scientific and biological theories that if you understand how to use them, you will achieve health, wealth, and happiness. By applying the knowledge of the book, you will reach an elevated state of being and be able to overcome sickness, acquire massive wealth, surmount obstacles, and achieve what many would regard as unattainable.

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Saturday, October 16, 2021

The BloodStone


The Bloodstone: The Leaf and the Tree of Old

Description: As a boy, Laik enjoyed listening to the stories his grandmother shared with the village children. Through these tales, Laik learns that death will one day come to them all. Soon after, his grandparents fall seriously ill. It is now up to Laik and his older brother Vidion to find a cure, but there is one issue – a powerful sorcerer stands in their way. Trapped in a world with his fear of death, Laik must now overcome that fear with the help of his faithful friends and stop the sorcerer before death comes to them all.


Friday, October 15, 2021

Calm Your Chaotic Mind


Calm Your Chaotic Mind: 

The Guide to Beating Anxiety

and Grounding Yourself

Tough times are part of life, but the good news is that every situation is only a temporary season. Unfortunately for us, it can sometimes become extremely difficult to escape our negative thoughts after we’ve been through a tough patch. Reliving these experiences in our minds usually causes us to be anxious, gives us the fear of the unknown, and makes us afraid of failure.
With the right tools, however, we can build our resilience so that we can get through hard times without crumbling down.

It becomes possible to overcome any kind of hardship, and also work through any negative feelings that may come afterward.
This book is written for the sole purpose of teaching you how to deal with anxiety. The lessons are taken from years of experience followed by intentional cognitive behavioral therapy to build resilience against fear. They worked for me (still do), and I believe they will also work for you.

Why this book is the best for helping you deal with anxiety:

  • Helps you learn how to be calmer and more resilient: It is said that tough times never last, but tough people do. The pages of this book contain the secrets to help you become a mentally tough person. Remaining calm and composed even in the face of difficulty is something we all can learn. Difficult situations will have nothing on you.
  • Written from a point of first-hand experience: The tips shared in this book are not compiled from ‘self-help’ handbooks. They are tested and proven over years of trial and error going through situations that caused me to be anxious. These steps are what I use every day to stay on top of any situation and not sink into an abyss of anxiety and despair.
  • Great workable tips if you are already feeling anxious: This book has you covered whether you need help getting out of an anxious stage in your life, or want to prevent future anxiety attacks. The steps recommended are practical and work across the board for just about any situation - from losing a job to dealing with a pandemic, and everything in between.
  • You can get started NOW! There is no right age to start working on becoming a better you. This book is great for people over 20s. It’s about making those small incremental steps that make your tomorrow better than today.
So why wait? Get a copy today and begin your journey to calming your chaotic mind. It is a journey worth undertaking.

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Under Quarantine


Under quarantine, a gripping story thanks to a dynamic narrative and the topicality of the issues involved. Paolo Cuciniello, a young Italian engineer, tells of his experience of quarantine in China, where he graduated in engineering and currently lives. The aspects of everyday life of the months spent in isolation emerge as the narrative develops: the rigour in observing the rules, the worry for the spread of the infection, but also the ability to eke out moments of happiness. In the story, the author probes the remotest corners of his soul and does so with the wisdom and sensitivity of someone who, freed from the restrictions of the mind, feels at peace and free. He is guided by Siddhartha. Paolo Cuciniello takes the reader by the hand on a trip to discover his world, his sentiments and the most profound and spiritual aspects of his nature. Coral, his great love, is part of the journey. "Coral is my family now" writes Paolo, who feels an ardent desire to take care of the people he loves from afar, his family of origin, and who continues to preserve a little bit of Italy, even in China.

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Wednesday, October 13, 2021

What Lurks in the Shadows


What Lurks in the Shadows

The end of the world has come and Grace has a front row seat. Her suburban life has been replaced by a daily struggle to survive. Just as she and her family begin to adjust to their new life, a new threat emerges. One even more terrifying than the end of the world. Skillfully woven and brilliantly paced, What Lurks in the Shadows is a thrilling account of a modern apocalypse and the reality of what it would truly take to survive. 

Book Releasing on 11-16-2021

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