Thursday, August 18, 2022

Life Is Inevitable


Life is Inevitable
Eighteen-year-old boy Brennan, and seventeen-year-old girl Olivia, have their entire lives and worldview changed when they commit suicide on the same day. In this world, the dead are brought to a train station where they receive tickets that send them to heaven or hell. However, Olivia and Brennan are given a second chance. An angel gives them train tickets that will send them back to their bodies, but a new problem emerges when they accidentally switch their tickets. In the world of the living, they wake up in each other's bodies and are now forced to undo the mistake they just made while living the other person's life.

Wednesday, August 17, 2022

The Last Pitch


The Last Pitch:

Face whatever comes your way

Remember the game of baseball in the 1960s and 1970s? Major League pitchers routinely threw 300 innings a year. High school pitchers threw ridiculous numbers of innings too. There were no radar guns, no free agents, and the World Series was over before the leaves fell off the trees in Northern Illinois.

The main character Carl Borowski tells how he grew up in a suburb of Chicago, became engulfed in baseball culture at an early age and developed into a high school All-State pitcher. Overuse in high school, bad personal baseball decisions led to many challenges, and unfortunate consequences in his career.

Carl shares his baseball days from the schoolyard games with his neighborhood friends, his high school career, his interaction with college recruiters, and even professional scouts all the way up until his last pitch in the Men’s Senior Baseball League. The family adventure continues with both sons in the next two books. This three-book series chronicles a family’s journey through baseball.

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The Reluctant Refugee


The Reluctant Refugee

When George learns that his biological father is critically ill he resolves to return to Budapest in an attempt to find him. Arrangements are made to cover his absence from the business he owns in Tooting , London.

This is the story of how he became The Reluctant Refugee. 

Young George’s life was a happy one. His future was safe and settled. Comfortably wrapped in the dogma of the communist regime, the way forward clearly marked. He had no idea that within the space of a few days his world would be shattered. 

In Oct.1956 during the Hungarian Revolution George’s mother Gita, a wilful eccentric woman, persuades her husband Dr.Julius Mihaly, an outspoken critic of the Hungarian regime, to flee Communism and make a new life in the ‘West’.

She sets off ahead with her three children.

After a harrowing night, crossing minefields and barbed wire on the Hungarian/Austrian border they are held in a refugee camp. Awaiting the arrival of Julius, they learn that the once porous border is now sealed by the reinvading Soviet army.

In an attempt to liquidate his assets, Julius had fatally delayed his escape and was now trapped.

Gita is unable to gain passage to her country of choice (USA) and eventually settles for a flight bound for Britain. She prays that Julius will find some means to join his family. 

Her expectations are dashed when she learns that Julius has been found hanging in the woods. The authorities claim suicide but Gita is convinced he was murdered by the regime. 

Without support, she is Incapable of providing for her children. The Roman Catholic Church steps in and they are sent to an orphanage. 

Gita reconnects in London with the enigmatic Victor Grandpierre whom she met on the train journey to the staging point (border town) prior to the ‘freedom walk’ and becomes embroiled in a toxic relationship. Events and circumstances turn Victor into an abusive drunk yet Gita remains financially and emotionally dependent on him.

Years pass and as an adult George learns that his real father (Julius was his stepfather) whom he has never met is gravely ill and he resolves to drive to Budapest to find him. 

Combining the quest with a family holiday, the meandering road trip east leads him to recall the terrifying events he witnessed during the conflict and their escape through the border to Austria and freedom. 

He finally tracks his aged father down. He now has a wife of many years who does not at first welcome this sudden reunion, fearing the shock to her ailing husband.

Over several days of emotionally charged talks she relents.

Using the pretext of being a repair ‘man’ George is allowed to enter the room where his father sits in a wheelchair.

Eventually, Ingrid allows the son to reveal himself to his father.

The timely connection brings some closure and understanding to a painful part of his early life.

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Tuesday, August 16, 2022

The Awful Truth About The Sushing Prize


The Awful Truth About The Sushing Prize

Once you have tried any of the books in the 'Awful Truth' series, you will never forget it. These are novels quite unlike anything else ever written. Their fictitious author, Marco Ocram, seems to be making up the stories on the spot while starring as his own lead character, making every possible literary gaffe in his pursuit of a good story. Marco has been coached by his mentor to write as Jackson Pollock painted, throwing words onto the page instinctively and without thinking. The result is utterly hilarious and utterly different from anything else you will have read. Marco doesn't just break the fourth wall, he destroys it, switching all the time between the roles of Marco the character, in the thick of his self-penned action, and Marco the awful author trying to make sense of what he has just written. Every paragraph brings a joke, a sly satirical reference or some very clever wordplay.

In The Awful Truth About The Sushing Prize, Marco revives police chief Como Galahad- a character from his first book- and the duo investigate a bizarre case in which a body is found crushed between two shipping containers. No trope of fiction is unlampooned as Marco invents twist after twist en route to an incredible ending. Fast paced, colorful and ingenious, Marco's books are simply the funniest and most original reading you will find. Try one today and join the growing band of Ocramised readers who can't wait for his next.

Monday, August 15, 2022

For the Love of Murder


For the love of murder:

A miscarriage of justice

Detective inspector Tom Richards from Scotland yard now faces his biggest challenge.

Two girls are found dead in Edinburgh.

When their bodies were discovered, the circumstances matched a killer from ten years ago. The problem for Tom is that he had caught the killer for his case. Worse, the alleged killer had been tried, convicted and sentenced to hang.

Had Tom made a mistake? Did an innocent man hang?

A miscarriage of justice follows Tom as he tries to solve the case, whilst his personal life turns for the worst, and an old flame comes back into his life.

Sunday, August 14, 2022

Play It Where It Lies!


Play It Where it Lies!:

Winning at the Game of Life with the Rules of Golf

This work poses the basic rules of golf as a metaphor for life and argues that life is a game that can be played successfully. The book enumerates some basic rules of life (twenty-one in total) and shows how others have followed and violated these rules to their ultimate victory or defeat. Many popular culture references are culled from both North America and abroad to demonstrate the universality of uncluttered philosophies. Autobiographical snapshots along the way add credibility to the project. Play It Where It Lies clarifies the academic, heady malaise in which philosophy presently finds itself, and offers a path of life that is freed from the rigors and confusion of religion. In doing so, this work encourages an authentic life of decency and determination that most always involves "playing" in the life in which one is, not in the one he or she wishes. -- Review Editor


Saturday, August 13, 2022

Law Of Attraction & Effection


Law Of Attraction & Effection:

The Secret Ingredient to Wealth Creation

“The more lives you affect in an entity you control, in scale and magnitude, the richer you will become.” MJ Demarco in Millionaire Fastlane

The Law of Attraction & Effection is an innovative and life-changing new wealth generation, productivity improvement and personal growth strategy that harnesses the power of the Law of Attraction and amplifies entrepreneurs’ and small business owners’ incomes and outputs tremendously by infusing Law of Effection principles, which have been used to build billion-dollar tech companies like Apple, Google, and Facebook / Meta.

Author and high-profile digital entrepreneur Vinod Reghunathan draws on over 20 years of experience teaching law of attraction principles and wealth management skills as a consultant, and advanced study of Law of Effection and personal investment strategies to offer you a lethal combination of business model generation, market scale magnification and powerful positivity and self-confidence practices that can be employed to yield eye-opening results by any individual or business, anywhere in the world.

In this revolutionary, but practical business growth and personal improvement book, you will learn:

  • The Law of Attraction 101 – How you can use the high-profile personal success strategy that has been utilized consistently for over 100 years to make ordinary people millionaires and many individuals with prior financial problems wealthy
  • How to use the Law of Effection to scale your business by orders of magnitude, find new markets for your products or services, and increase your personal wealth creation quickly and consistently over time
  • How to take action with the combination of these two powerful laws, so that you will have more power and control over your life and destiny
  • How to use the Law of Attraction and Law of Effection to live your best life, with improved health, financial freedom, and better relationships

The Law of Attraction & Effection is a time-tested, real-world success mindset that anybody can use to overcome procrastination, self-doubt and low self-esteem, and start building the life that you have always wanted, so join Vinod today to start employing these game-changing principles now, so that you can start seeing impressive results immediately.

The law of attraction works universally on every plane of action, and we attract whatever we desire or expect…Determine resolutely to expect only what you desire, then you will attract only what you wish for.” - Ralph Trine

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