Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Before It Happens


Before It Happens

One of those things you either believe in or don't believe in is falling in love at first sight. It's nearly impossible to think it could happen in real life because the concept is so fairytale-like. First loves are always memorable and hard to forget. Love at first sight, ending with tragedy, sometimes has a way of changing the entire trajectory of your life. It was the same for John Wulk, who met the love of his life, spent some glorious days with her, only for fate to take her away… suddenly, he didn't want to pursue his dream of becoming a practicing doctor and instead dedicate his life to finding out why people kill. His research leads him to the fifth gene –the criminal gene. Does he succumb to the darkness himself? Or does he come up with all the answers needed to catch criminals before they act?

About the Author-John A Wulkowicz (pronounced Wool co itz) and his wife Catherine adopted 8 special needs children. The book was published with the hopes of earning enough money to build a larger home.

Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Armor Transformed Into Art


Hello guys, my name is Oleksandr I'm head of Charity Foundation in Kyiv,Ukraine , helping people gett medicine for free who hurted by war
We run now campaign on Kickstarter , with items pendants , big art paintings , tokens made from burned armor of military armor, It would be great if you look into our campaign on Kickstarter , and find something good or if you can support us trough share it would be perfect too ! Any way thank you for attention !

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Nick Jericho and the Devil's Den


Nick Jericho and the Devil's Den

Deep underground, in the heart of the Mojave Desert, lies a top-secret research facility known as the Devil’s Den. Cloaked in secrecy, it is home to some of the most dangerous cutting-edge technology ever created. But when this technology is overtaken by a sentient artificial intelligence, all hell breaks loose.

Into this maelstrom enters Nick Jericho, a private investigator turned fugitive whose life has been marred by loss and tragedy. Fueled by a burning desire for redemption, he must navigate the facility’s labyrinthine corridors to save one of the nation’s top AI researchers. (A prodigy and childhood friend of his deceased daughter.)

Will Nick Jericho succeed in his quest, or will the sinister creations of the Devil’s Den claim more victims? Only time will tell in this heart-pounding thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end.

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Nick Jericho and the Devil's Den

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Monday, May 29, 2023

Pirates and Scallywags: A Tale of Adventure, Plunder & Debauchery


Pirates and Scallywags:

A Tale of Adventure, Plunder & Debauchery

Pirates & Scallywags is a non-stop thrill ride set during the Golden Age of Piracy that takes readers on a vivid journey through the pirate life! The story follows the exploits of three pirate captains: Captain Umberland, Captain Montpellier and Captain Estevez. From dealing with vengeful fellow pirates to absorbing the brunt of Mother Nature's fury to entanglements with the authorities, we follow our band of rouges as they plunder ships, drink their way through legendary pirate strongholds, and meet the wild and fascinating characters living the outlaw life throughout the Caribbean. Join the adventure as a mysterious stranger stalks Estevez, Umberland’s luck turns, and Montpellier embraces his lust for life!

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Sunday, May 28, 2023

Full-Tilt Boogie: A Jade Hui Mystery


Full-Tilt Boogie: A Jade Hui Mystery

Something’s going on in Youngstown, Ohio—and it isn’t pretty. Newly assigned to the field office, Special Agent Jade Hui is stumped by her predecessor’s do-nothing record when there’s every indication something big is going to happen. An Aryan Brotherhood convict tells her a new designer drug from Europe is about to hit the streets of the Midwest and Youngstown will be the launching pad. Next, a female prizefighter winds up dead in a dumpster behind a bar with a shady reputation. That’s only the beginning of what turns out to be, in cop slang, a full-tilt boogie with Youngstown becoming one big crime scene.

Before it’s over, Jade will find herself in combat with some extremely disturbing characters, including a dubious former Hollywood filmmaker, his two thugs—all three employees of the most sinister character of all, one who goes by the name ”the emissary.” This someone is far deadlier than anyone she ever worked a case against in the “Little Odessa” of Brighton Beach in her last posting.

Saturday, May 27, 2023

America in Prophecy: “But Israel does not know, my people does not consider”


America in Prophecy:

“But Israel does not know,

my people does not consider”

This book – America in Prophecy opens up the reader’s understanding to the fact that both America and Britain are prophesied of in the Bible; and why would God prophesy of other nations, cities or people in the Bible – such as Babylon, Greece, Ashdod, Egypt, Persia and then not mention – the single greatest nation to have ever existed on the earth? Would God overlook the British – whose colonial empire was so far reaching that it could be said that this was the empire on which the sun never sets?

America and Britain are indeed spoken of in prophecy, and it should behoove you to want to understand what those prophecies are – because these prophecies contain warnings relating to matters that are of life and death; it carries a message of those things that are to befall the nation and all people living on the earth and is relative to the times we are now living in.

Russia and China are seeking to replace the United States as the global superpower – because they see that America’s influence on the world’s stage is in decline. You need to understand the how and why these things are happening and why America has been so reluctant to stand up to our enemies. God’s words give answers to these questions.

The story of how America and Britain descended from the ancient people of Israel to become who they are is a fascinating one – which proves the living active existence of God, and that the Bible is, indeed, his inspired word. But who is willing to believe God and take heed to his warning of those things that are soon to come upon America, Britain and the rest of the world?

We should be willing to hear and take heed, for Jesus said, “Take heed to yourselves … and so that day come upon you unaware. For as a snare shall it come on all them that dwell upon the face of the earth” (Luke 21: 34,35).

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On the front lines of Spiritual Warfare


On the front lines of Spiritual Warfare:

A self-help guide for the journey of a spiritual gangster

On the Front Lines of Spiritual Warfare: A self-help guide for the journey of a spiritual gangster - By Dr. Zenovia Bryant
On the front lines of Spiritual Warfare by Dr. Zenovia Bryant is a self-help guide for the journey
of the spiritual gangster. Each chapter goes in-depth with different aspects of Theology, diving
into the religious history, how to tackle problems with a modern worldview, how to protect
yourself against spiritual attacks, temptation, and much more. You will discover the ins and outs
of Spiritual Warfare, from its Ontology, Teleology, and Epistemology, while experiencing the
roles that God and the devil each play in this struggle. Take control of your own spiritual journey
by becoming victorious in the battle for spiritual peace.