Sunday, February 5, 2023

The Hidden Lives of Taxi Drivers


The Hidden Lives of Taxi Drivers:

A question of knowledge

(Ethnographic Trilogy)

What do you know about taxi drivers? Not much?

Well find out here.

Discover what The Ten Commandments of St Fiacre and the 10 Commandments of Road Safety are all about. Discover the lives of taxi drivers: hidden in plain sight, here, there, and everywhere - sometimes, invisible! Learn the history that created taxis, Hackney carriages and all. Consider their urban setting with case studies and interviews from Milton Keynes. And, taxi drivers: who are they, where are they from, how did they get here? Trials, traumas and triumphs. What is 'The job' what is 'The Knowledge'. What's new? All this ... and more.

This book uncovers the hidden depths below simply urban living and then leads the reader into further inspiring knowledge about the 'real me' behind the taxi driver. Who would believe that an accurate, meticulous account of a down-to-earth subject like taxi drivers in Milton Keynes would lead into the deeper fathoms of the human soul and of what lies beyond.


Saturday, February 4, 2023

Difficult Boss


Difficult Boss:

A Blessing in Disguise:

Your Go-to Guide for Dealing with Difficult Bosses, Reducing Job-related Stress, and Thriving at Workplace

Unlock the secret to managing a difficult boss and transform challenges into opportunities with this practical self-help handbook for the workplace.

Are you currently struggling with a challenging boss? Are you searching for the best strategies to reduce stress, improve your productivity, and advance in your career? Or do you want to discover how to manage workplace friction and turn a difficult situation into an opportunity for growth? Then keep reading.

Expertly written with a mix of practical advice, personal anecdotes, and real-world strategies, this concise handbook explores how you can navigate the challenges of a difficult boss and turn a problematic situation into a powerful avenue for professional development.

With plenty of mindset-shifting exercises designed to motivate you to reframe your situation, you’ll discover how to use difficult workplace encounters as fuel for learning and growth. This book shows you how you can improve your workplace relationships, set clear boundaries, stay calm under pressure, and dramatically increase your job productivity.

If your work quality is suffering due to burnout or unmanageable stress, or if you’re butting heads with a boss whom you just can’t seem to get along with, Difficult Boss: A Blessing in Disguise encourages you to take a step back, assess your situation, and develop a balanced and holistic action plan that will carry you to personal and professional success.

Here’s just a little of what you’ll discover inside:

  • The 9 Types of Difficult Boss (and How To Spot Them)
  • Powerful Ways To Reframe Your Situation & Turn Challenges Into Growth Opportunities
  • Practical Self-Care Strategies To Avoid Work-Related Stress, Burnout, & Poor Mental Health
  • Essential Tactics & Techniques For Resolving Conflicts and Developing a Resilience Mindset
  • How To Improve Your Communication Skills & Navigate Workplace Interactions
  • And Much More...

As a must-read for managers, team leaders, employees, and anybody who has struggled in their career, Difficult Boss: A Blessing in Disguise is a valuable self-help guide that challenges you to embrace self-improvement while providing you with key strategies to boost your work-related happiness and transform your workplace problems into secret blessings.

Author Bio: 

Iqbal Hussain is an author, speaker, certified life coach, and business transformation strategist who is passionate about inspiring people to build strong interpersonal relationships and succeed in every area of their lives. Known for his big heart and his outgoing personality, Iqbal has spent over two decades working for humanitarian, environmental, and non-profit organizations including Save the Children International and WildTeam. He’s committed to spearheading sustainable development initiatives, serving his community, and creating a brighter future through transforming organizations.

Iqbal was born and raised in Bangladesh, where he currently resides with his wonderful wife and their two beautiful children. He loves to provide coaching and consultation to individuals and businesses who want to drive meaningful results and improve their professional development. Iqbal holds an MSc. in Climate Change and Development & Sustainable Development from Independent University, Bangladesh.

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Paravage, Book II of Kana's Quest

The Epic Adventure Continues!

Kana saved Earth from Hell's eternal rule, but the victory came at a very high cost! After a period of mourning for those lost in the bloody battle, The White Witch Prince decides to use the time before his wedding and coronation, to take his fiance Connie, and Kristarra, The Time Keeper, on a safari to the jungle world of Paravage. 

Undeterred by the loss of the battle for Earth, Satan was far from giving up on the war. The king of Hell immediately set into motion a backup plan he already had in place. A bold strategy that took everyone by surprise, because it should never have been possible!

Friday, February 3, 2023

The Retriever


The Retriever

The "Retriever" is the story of a modern-day unlikely warrior/survivalist. The main character begins the adventure as a child growing up with a slightly different approach in what direction he wanted to take in his life. He begins his journey in high school where he's a successful student, athlete and an all-around good person. Growing up in the northern California area with his mother and two younger brothers, he feels an obligation to join the military instead of going to a big named college to help provide for his family.

The story picks up after reflecting on his boot camp days then moves on to a top-secret mission that ultimately goes bad. After everyone on his team gets killed and (he is written off as being dead by everyone in his command) he is almost mortally injured, wakes up without his memory in a small village. Shortly after, he begins a new life as part of this remote village for approximately two years and he learns the culture, the language and becomes a trusted member of their clan until it was time for him to leave. During this stay he goes through their rituals and rites of passage the earns his mark (branded on him) and clan name.Once casted from the uncharted island he begins this long journey of survival and discovery. Without any human contact for the next number of months he totally depends on his training and ingenuity to survive without any modern tools. He later befriends a flock of albatross of which he studies and finds his way off the island to start his trek back h9me to the US. Along the way this character runs into several adventures that includes everything from storms at sea to smugglers and crooked cops and finally being rescued at sea and then reaching his final destination. Now a new chapter begins, welcome home "Retriever". "Life is a threat to the boys of the Brave".

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Celebrity Resurrection Playbook


Rekindling the Cult of Personality

Even though you probably sensed this sort of thing was going on, you'll be astonished by the manipulative techniques revealed. Your eyes will be opened and you'll start to recognize the methods described in this book—everywhere. You'll come to understand that the line between news and advertising isn’t just blurred—it’s non-existent.

Celebrity Resurrection Playbook is an exposé written by a publicity industry insider.

Why has the author leaked these secrets? She believes the public has the right to know how, when, and by whom they’re being manipulated.

Thursday, February 2, 2023

A King Amongst Us


A King Amongst Us

Enslaved at a young age, Titus has known nothing but servitude and horrific torture. Through the years, his thirst for revenge against King Augustus has festered, and after a single attempt on the king's life, he finds purpose in the pit of gladiators. There he waits and prays to have another chance at his oppressor, and his prayers for revenge are answered by a mysterious woman named Aurelia. She offers him a life he had seen only in dreams, but in return, his quest for revenge comes with an unfathomable price.

A Brighter Tomorrow


A Brighter TOMORROW by Lori Schneider, MD, is a beautiful coffee table book that contains heartfelt poetry and original artwork inspired by the pandemic. This unique book offers hope and solace to the reader, and you will want to display it for years to come.

No one could have truly predicted the mass devastation of the pandemic of 2020. Everyone in the world has been affected and forever changed in some way by the pandemic. Hopefully, most people will emerge as better human beings, with a greater level of understanding and support for their fellow man.

During this tumultuous time, I was overwhelmed with emotions regarding COVID-19, politics, racial injustice, love, and courage. I turned to pen and paper to express my feelings and discovered poetry as an extremely cathartic form of writing.

Through poetry, I found great insight and solace during a very dark time in history. I believe poetry is the window to the soul that can help illuminate the darkness.

I hope the reader finds great comfort and hope for the future through the poetry and beautiful artwork contained in this book. Together we can have a brighter tomorrow!

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